Our Profile

IARG SERVICE – PT SPC had a main focus service in delivering engineering training services for industry, and even for student to gain the industrial application knowledge. With more than eight years experience in Automation Engineering, we are also give a support technical consulting for industrial automation, such as Control System Optimization, Process Data Integration, and Supervisory & Data Acquisition (SCADA) assessment and development. For others support services, we are also offers a technical consulting for general engineering application such as Project Management Consultancy, Plant System Design, Process System Assessment, Engineering Study and Audit Implementation. We commit to  deliver high quality & prominent, and  integrating the latest technology to fit our customer satisfaction.


To be a Leading Company with Excellent and Commitment Services


  1. Developing knowledge, skills and market network, while intensively perform continuous improvement to its quality of services.
  2. Being disciplined and consistent to carry out all necessary tasks in order to be a great and the world’s best company in the area.
  3. Doing update of automation and control application in industry, such as hardware and soft- ware technology to perform knowledge delivering quality.