Personal Power & Communication Skill

About The Course
The power of a leader / employee is expected to show the style of
communication in any situation depends on the conditions and situations and to subordinates, and peers. Through the realization of the potential possessed by a leader / employee who only shows one kind of
communication style alone will be an effective Also expected to know / know the strengths / weaknesses of a leader / employee appearing as a conduit motovasi and inspiration in difficult times, so that a sense of confidence emanating from actions and words as a supervisor within their subordinates. With this training you can identify your strengths and
weaknesses, and how to construct your own performance improvement.
Design for
Manager , Middle Manager, Supervisor.
Course Content

  1. Learning to Personal Power
  2. Personal Power Development
  3. How to Read Character
  4. Communication Functions
  5. Personality and Leader character
  6. Primary Potential and Development
  7. Power of Leadership
  8. Effective Leadership and Leadership Styles
  9. Establish the True Soul and Personality
  10. Importance of Communication in Developing Potential
  11. Affecting factors Self-Concept
  12. Know the subordinate personality
  13. Understanding the process of change in the process
  14. Character development and leadership

Training Duration : 3 Days