The Essentials of Oil and Gas Commercial Contracts and Negotiations

About The Course

This course is designed to provide you with the commercial awareness and
knowledge required to help you through each step of negotiating,
constructing, drafting and managing commercial contracts. You will gain an in-depth insight into the commercial and legal issues surrounding contracts, and determine how you can proactively identify and manage the
commercial risks involved. You will return to your business equipped with the knowledge to ensure that you have all the bases covered, and that you can effectively protect your company from costly and ineffective contractual arrangements.

Design for

It will prove particularly of benefit to the following people:
• Directors/managers responsible for purchasing products or services for their department or company
• Executives responsible for supplying products and services
• Commercial/contracts executives and managers
• Project and contract managers & engineers
• Procurement and purchasing staff
• Key personnel involved in facilities management
• Managers responsible for implementing technically oriented projects

Course Content

• Contracting Strategies and Issues
> Risk Management through Contracting
> Contracting in the Post-Macondo Environment
> Complexity and Flexibility in Oil and Gas Contracting Contrac
> Understanding other Industries Outside the Oil Patch
> Conflicts of Interest and Corruption in Contracts
> Innovative Contracting Practices in Oil and Gas Contracts
• Contract Development and Drafting
> Contract Types – Production Sharing Agreements
> Contract Types – Turnaround Agreements
> Contract Types – Lease and Rental Agreements
> Contract Types – FPSO
> Contract Types – LNG
> Contract Types – FEED and EPCIC Contracts
> Contract Provisions – Pricing Models
> Contract Provisions – Indemnity and Knock For Knock
> Contract Provisions – Environmental and Pollution
> Contract Provisions – Local Content
4 Days Training
Course Content

• Contract Negotiation
> Negotiating Risk Allocation Clauses – Indemnities and Liabilities
> Negotiating Multi-Party Scenarios
> Negotiating with National Oil Companies
> Negotiating across Cultures
> Negotiating Cross-Border Agreements
> Negotiating Oil Field Service Agreements
> Negotiating Oil Field Equipment and Supply Agreements
> Negotiating the Trading Relationship – Buying from Each Other
> Principle Based Negotiations in Oil and Gas Transactions
> Positional Negotiations in Oil and Gas Contracts
> Renegotiating Contracts in a World of Fluid Hydrocarbon Prices
• Contract Management
> Managing Disputes in a Multi-Contract Relationship
> Automating the Contract Management Role
> Managing Reputations through Contracts
> Terminating the Contract
> Managing SOW’s, SLA’s and KPI’s in Oil and Gas Sector Contracts
> Why is Contract Management Vital in the Oil and Gas Sector?
> Flexibility in Contract Management – Commodities / Value
Relationships / Projects