Failure Analisys and Damage Investigation Technique in Mechanical Components

About The Course

To provide basic concepts, principles, and to introduce the techniques and methodology of reliability assessment and evaluation as applied to mechanical components, equipment, and mechanical plant systems and sub-systems. To improve the understanding of failures as related to their nodes, causes and effect.

Design for

Managers, Senior Engineers from production and maintenance, Supporting for maintenance, (SCM/Logistic inventory, Material Management, Operations). Everyone who has interest in maintenance strategy for plant equipment.

Course Content

• Introduction.
1. Implications of mechanical reliability.
2. Definition of mechanical reliability.
3. Reliability and rates of failures.
• System Safety Analysis.
1. Human Error.
2. Routine Operations.
3. Emergency Operations.
• Methods of Analysis.
1. Failures Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA).
2. Event Trees.
3. Fault trees.
• Fault-Tree Construction.
1. Nomenclature.
2. Fault classification.
3. Example.
• Analysis of in-service experience for repairable systems.
1. A note on “ failure rate “.
2. Reliability analysis under constant failure rate.
3. System availability.

4 Days Training