Realiability Centered Maintenance

Training Overview:

This course is beneficial especially for continuous process industry and utilizes sophisticate and expensive production equipment, such as: Oil and Gas Industry, Electricity Plant, Petrochemical Plant, Marine Industry, Manufacturing, Automotive, Assembling Industry, Aviation, Construction, Pulp and Paper, Mining, etc. The course is designed by considering the need of maintenance method that reliable to ensure the success of production, a method of maintenance to push downs a break down or unplanned disturbance. The requirement of efficient and effective method of maintenance becomes more important when plant facility is automatic system. The big loss can come, if it is late to improve maintenance operation system, low productivity, wasting working hours, last production, engine big failure, and in-harmony relation with customer successful.

Training Outline:

• What is Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM)?
• Plant Registration.
• Function and Failure.
• Preventive Actions.
• Defaults Actions.
• RCM Decision Diagram.
• Plan, Organize and Control Proposed Tasks.
• RCM Implementation.
• Build skill in RCM.
• RCM Application History.

Who Should Attend?
Maintenance Manager, Superintendent, Planner, Supervisor, Production Planner, PPIC Engineer, Operation Engineer.

Dr. Ir Edy Suwondo. He is a graduate of S3 Aerospace Engineering TU Delft, The Netherlands. He became a lecturer at the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), Institute of Aerospace Technology (Malaysia) and several other institutions. Some areas of expertise such as Airframe and Powerplant him, Life Cycle Cost at Aerospace Engineering, Aircraft Systems, Hydraulic Systems, Mechanics of composite materials, Aircraft Loads. Currently, he also worked as a consultant for the evaluation of the Fire Department to the Department of Transportation Air Indonesia

3 Days Training