Basic Pipeline

About The Course

This course discusses the basics of piping techniques both in the design, construction and maintenance. Demonstration piping work has a very significant influence on the process of working rallies. Demonstration piping work is very influenced by the planning process (design), operating mode and maintenance.

Design for

Piping and Pipeline Engineers, Operation Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Production Engineers, Technical Supports Engineers, Technical Staffs, Everyone who want to know and have interest in piping and pipeline system.

Course Content

• Pendahuluan : transportasi fluida cair dan gas di dalam pipa, aturan dan standard.
• Egineering units : mass, length, time, velocity, floww, pressure, head, stress.
• Hukum kontinuitas aliran fluida atau gas.
• Reynold Number, laminar and turbolent flow.
• Bernoulli equation.
• Moody Diagram.
• HanzenWilliam Diagram.
• Major losses.
• Minor losses.
• Pipe standard material and design : ASTM
• Instrumen pada perpipaan :
• Alat ukur tekanan.
• Bourdon type.
• Water coulomn type.
• Membrame type.
• flow meter.
• Venturi.
• Orrifice.
• Turbine.
• Thermometer.
• Valve and fitting : Gate valve, butterfly valve, check valve, control valve, pipe fitting.
• Jaringan pipa bertekanan : ASME B31.
• Jaringan pipa distribusi Gas : ASME B31.8.
• Dasar- dasar korosi dan pengendalian.
• Mekanisme korosi pada perpipaan.
• Pencegahan korosi pada perpipaan.
• Coating.
• Cathodic protection.
• Sacrifial anode, Impressed current.

4 Days Training