Pipeline: Corrosion Preventive and Cathodic Protection

About The Course

Maintaining the ageing infrastructure such as underground pipelines is a challenge to facility owners worldwide. Understanding why and how cathodic protection works or fails can help the operator formulate a ppropriate strategy in managing the pipeline corrosion problems. This course covers both the fundamentals and practices in designing, operaing and maintaning cathodic protection of underground pipelines. An overview of the NACE standart on “Pipeline Externel Corrosion direct Assessment Methodology” will also be presented.

Design for

It will prove particularly of benefit to the following people:
• Engineers and technologists who are in charge of underground pipeline cathodic protection system.
• Designers who are intereted in cathodic protection technology for corrosion prevention.
• Technicians and maintenance personel who deal with installed cathodic protection systems.
• Facility owners and users who are concerned with corrosion.

Course Content

• Fundamentals of corrosion.
• Cathodic protection.
• Instrumentation for cathodic protection of underground pipelines.
• Cathodic protection of underground pipelines.
• Stray current corrosion and methods of prevention.
• Pipeline Coatings.
• Field joint coatings.
• Cathodic Protection and Coatings.
• Pipeline Inspection : Survey methods and evaluation techniques.

4 Days Training