Rotating Equipment: Basic Principle, Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

About The Course

This course is designed to provide an in-depth perspective of pump and compressor technology in terms operation, and maintenance. Topics covered include pump types and terminology, centrifugal and positive-displacement pumps, packing, mechanical seals and sealing systems, bearings, couplings and other vital components. In addition, various pump and compressors types will be examined as to how they perform in their respective operating systems and advantages / disadvantages of various pump types will be discussed. Pump and compressors operation, troubleshooting and maintenance will be dealt with in depth

Design for

Operation technician/operator/supervisor, Mechanical technician/operator/supervisor, Maintenance technician.

Course Content

• Introduction to Rotating Equipment Application in Industry
• Pump: Overview, Types and Terminology
• Pump: Main Objective and Principles
• Centrifugal pump: Overview, Parts and Operating haracteristics
• Centrifugal Pump Operation
• Centrifugal Pump Maintenance and Repair
• Positive Displacement Pumps: Overview, Parts and Operating Characteristics
• Positive Displacement Pump Maintenance and Repair
• Positive Displacement Pumps: Mechanical Seal Systems
• Positive Displacement Pumps: Bearing Care and Maintenance
• Positive Displacement Pumps: Couplings and Alignment
• Compressor: Overview and Types
• General Hazards Associated with Compressors Applications
• Compressor Flow Diagram

4 Days Training

Course Content

• Centrifugal Compressor: Types and Operating Characteristic
• Primary Centrifugal Compressor Clements: Impeller, Splitter, Diffuser and Volute
• Thermodynamic Cycle
• Centrifugal Compressor Operation
• Centrifugal Compressor Maintenance and Repair
• Reciprocating Compressor: Overview and Types
• Reciprocating Compressor: Operation Seals, Valve Operation (Common Suction/Discharge Valve Type)
• Surge and Surge Protection