Cost Estimation & Cost Control- ADVANCE

About The Course

After completing the course, participants should have:
• In-depth knowledge and understanding about project cost planning and control
• To integrate and implement the ability. Various project management tool (WBS, Gantt Chart, Network, etc) with cost accounting concept and techniques (Job Order Costing, Variance Analysis, etc). In project planning and control.
• The ability to design a reliable, effective and efficient project cost accounting system. The ability and capacity to analyze and evaluate cost data and be able to prepare propose and decide action in order to control a preventive and corrective the project cost.

Design for

• Have a basic knowledge about Project Cost and Management
• Have attend Basic Project Cost Estimation and Cost Control

Course Content

• Project Management and Cost Accounting Review
> Definition, Concepts, Technique and project planning and control tools.
> Cost Concept, Cost System and Accumulation
• Project Cost Estimation
> Definition, classification, journal and accumulation
> Project Costing
 Man Power
 Material
 Equipment
 Overhead and Pre Project Costing

4 Days Training

Course Content

• Project Cost Control
> Standard Costing
> Definisi
> Menentukan Standar
> Analisis Variansi Biaya
> Tenaga Kerja
> Material dan Overhead
> Cost Control
> Reporting
> Analysis and Evaluation