Industrial Network Security for SCADA, Automation, Process Control and PLC Systems

Training Overview:

This training course provide you to learn how to apply the fundamental concepts of industrial network security to your SCADA and automation systems, conduct a preliminary analysis of your industrial networks and prepare to withstand and anticipate attacks and apply defenses, discuss the issues of Industrial Network security competently with your vendors and associates in IT, construct a secure robust Local Area Network, plan and design your networks better, and analyse and construct a typical firewall

Training Outline:

  1. Introduction:
    • Background to training course program & overview of basic concepts
  2. Danger or Cyber Threat:
    • Hackers
    • Virusses
    • Denial-of-service
    • Information leakage
    • File anipulation
    • Database access
    • Elevation of priviledges
    • Spoofing
    • SYN flooding
    • Routing attacks
    • Sniffing
  3. Security Policies and Advisory Services
    • Corporate policies
    • CERT
    • Audits
    • Threats
    • Vulnerabilities
    • Countermeasures
    • Disaster Recovery
  4. Physical Security
    • Physical and logical access to networked equipment
    • Network segmentation
  5. Encryption
  6. Symmetrical encryiption schemes (DES, RC4)
    • Public
    • key encryption schemes (RSA)
    • – Certificate Authorities (CAs)


4 Days Training