PLC Communication & Integration to LAN

About The Course

This course introduces networks, communication busses, and protocols used in industrial applications. After this training, participants should be able to understand configuration and lay-out of PLC system on the network LAN setting.

Design for

This course would be ideal for you if you are seeking to get know-how and expertise in the process automation control. If you are an Instrument and process control technician or technologist, engineer and need to know about PLC, you could join the training.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Plant automation
  • Review PLC
  • Basic Communication
  • Master-Slave
  • Modbus Communication
  • PLC Networking
  • Basic Communication
  • Ethernet
  • TCP/IP
  • Networking
  • Modbus Framework
  • PLC Networking
  • Modbus on Ethernet
  • PLC Integration to LAN


3 Days Training