Invensys Wonderware InTouch v10.1 – Fundamental Programming & Development

About The Course

This course provides lectures and hands-on labs designed to teach a fundamental understanding of the basic principles of InTouch 10.1 software. The purpose  of this course is to give you the knowledge necessary to develop a Human Machine Interface (HMI) system for your specific plant floor environment using basic elements of the Wonderware visualization module.

Design for

Anyone how using InTouch v10.1

Course Content

  • Introduction to Managed InTouch Applications
  • Development Environment
  • Using WindowMaker
  • Tagname Dictionary
  • Animation Links
  • Using SmartSymbols
  • InTouch QuickScripts
  • Alarms and Event
  • The Distributed Alarm Object
  • Real-time and Historical Trending
  • I/O Communication Protocols
  • Wonderware I/O Servers
  • Troubleshooting I/O
  • Security Models
  • Bulletproofing the Application
  • Application Backup

4 Days Training