Gas Distribution: Metering, Calibration and Proving Systems

About The Course

This course deals with the entire range of flow related instruments (especially in legal metrology) and renders a systematic approach in measurement, calibration, typical errors in measurement and their estimation. Gas flow metering technologies for custody transfer purposes that cover obstruction method (orifice, coriolis, positive displacement meter, venturi, vortex, v-cone, turbine, etc) and non-obstructions method includes ultrasonic and magnetic flowmeter will be discovered. Also, this training covers the calibration and proving methods using master meter, meter prover, sonic critical nozzle and transfer standard methods. Additionally, the course explains the calibration methods, uncertainty analysis, and certification of the related instruments for custody transfer application. This course covers topics including the flow metering and its conformity with AGA practical guides, ISO standard, ASME and OIML recommendations.

Design for

Metering & Instrument Technician, Operator, Metering Supervisor and other who is related to Metering System.

Course Content

  • Flow Measurement and its Conformity with ISO/IEC 17025:2005.
  • AGA Report, ASME-MFC, ISO and OIML Recommendations.
  • Type and Pattern Approval of the Flow Measuring Instruments.
  • Overview of Various Flow Measurement Technologies..
  • Static Pressure, differential pressure and Temperature Calibrations.
  • System/Dynamic Calibration: Orifice gas meter.
  • Calibration and In-Situ Test (proving system): master meter, meter prover and sonic nozzle methods.
  • Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis of Differential Pressure Flow Meter.
  • Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis of Turbine Flow Meter.
  • Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis of Ultrasonic Flow Meter.
  • Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis of Mass Flow Meter (Coriolis FlowMeter)
  • Metering System Installation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting.