Oil Analysis and Tribology

About The Course

Machinery is assembled from many parts which some of them have relative motion, or friction, among each other. This will need oil for lubrication, cooler and cleaner. In order to maintain good machinery operations, one needs to understand tribology (knowledge about friction and lubrication) and oil analysis.

Design for

All Maintenance Professionals, Reliability Engineers, Lubrication Engineers, Craftsmen and Millwrights, Equipment Operators, Operations & Maintenance Managers, Lubrication Technicians, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineers, Maintenance Supervisors, Vibration Instrument Specialists, Predictive Maintenance Technicians, Laboratory Analysts.

Course Content

  • Fundamental of Tribology
  • Wear Metal analysis (spectroscopy, analytical ferrography or micro patch)
  • Wear phenomena, mechanism and it’s causes
  • Sources of wear metal and it’s tolerance limit
  • Lube oil chemical properties and it’s damage causes
  • Contamination control and analysis and it’s severity levels
  • Used oil analysis method and interpretation of it’s reports
  • Additive in lube oil and it’s damage causes
  • Thin film lubrication principle