Generator : Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

About The Course

There is an increasing interest for all topics related to electric motors and generator operation and control. Reasons behind this interest include the development of modern drive methodologies which facilitates the utilization of rotary machines in a wide range of applications ranging from remote generation units to production line movers and electric vehicles. In all cases, proper comprehension of electric machine technical aspects and their drives is crucial to guarantee proper operation, most efficient use and preventive

Design for

Technicians, Electric Engineer and anyone who wants to broaden knowledge on this topics.

Course Content

• General Arrangement, Terminology and Specifications
• Generator Loading & Unusual or Dangerous Conditions
• Starting, Stopping, Synchronizing & Loading
• Generator Protection
• Excitation Systems
• Daily Maintenance, Periodical Maintenance & Overhauls
• Electrical & Mechanical Machine Condition Measurements
• Malfunctions, Damages & Investigation

4 Days Training