Switch Gear & Relay Protection

About The Course
The reliability and safety of electric power distribution systems depend on accurate and thorough knowledge of short-circuit fault currents that can be present, and on the ability of protective devices to satisfactorily interrupt these currents. This training course provides attendees with an in-depth review of fault analysis problems in utility, industrial, and commercial power systems and provide the means for solving such problems, and discusses the impact of short-circuit fault currents on equipment selection.
Design for
Electric Engineer/Supervisor/Superintendent, Power Plant Maintenance Engineer/Supervisor/Superintendent, Power Plant Operation Engineer/ Supervisor/ Superintendent, and anyone who wants to broaden
knowledge on this topics.
Course Content
• Electric power grid representation and characteristic
• Type of electric power system configuration
• Basic calculation in normal condition
• Load shedding system and load analysis
• Basic calculation in disturbance condition and disturbance analysis
• Electrical Power System Monitoring Equipment
• Interactive discussion and cases study

Duration : 4 days