UPS System and Battery Power Supplies

About The Course
Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) are used in the power systems in the oil and gas industry to power critical equipment associated with safety and operation of plant. Participants will gain an understanding of applications and functions of UPS. This Course also cover information that is required for the proper construction and operation as well as maintenance of UPS and battery Power Supplies and principles of maintenance associated with
emergency shutdowns and safety systems.
Design for
Electrical Engineers, Supervisor and Technicians who need to refresh and expand on their exixting knowledge of batteries, UPS, Battery chargers and associated systems.
Course Content
• Introduction to UPS Systems
• UPS Topologies and application
• Components in Alternating Power (AC) UPS
• Components in Direct Current (DC) UPS
• Application fo DC UPS
• Basic Secondary Cell
• Charging and Discharge characteristics
• Battrey Safety
• Maintenance of UPS
• UPS System Troubleshooting

Duration : 3 days