Personal Power and Leadership

About The Course

Supervisors play a key role in any organization. They are responsible for creating a link between upper management and front-line employees, and have an effective impact on employee performance and behavior. This program provides new or experienced supervisors with the tools and skills for building personal confidence in their leadership role in the workplace. Resulting in the increased productivity of their teams. How to properly supervise subordinates in today’s workplace plays a big role in whether we can earn our subordinates respect and how efficient the day to da operations will run, and how successful our company will be. Remember if we lead by example, the others will follow. In today’s work environment communication between employers and employees is the key to having a successful operation.

Design for

This program has been designed for experienced and new supervisors and anyone soon to be promoted to a supervisory position.

Course Content

• The roles and functions of a Leadership or
• The leadership qualities of an excellent supervisor
• How to build credibility and trust
• How to develop better relationships and cooperation from subordinates
• How to give constructive feedback
• How to delegate tasks effectively to employees
• How to motivate employees
• How to work with team to solve problems creatively and effectively

Course Content

• Supervisory roles & functions
• What leadership is from the supervisor’s point of view
• How to build credibility and trust
• Interpersonal communication & human relations skills
• Delegation & empowerment
• Motivation & motivating employees
• Learning participative leader skills and techniques
• Learning to lead and build personal effectiveness
• The three steps of the continuous performance appraisal process
• Coaching, mentoring and how to give constructive feedback
• Decision-making tools for effective leadership
• How to apply problem solving techniques to solve actual problems.

3 Days Training