Effective Purchasing Procurement Management

Training Overview:

In this workshop, participants will be invited not only to understand the concepts and principles fundamental in maintaining the supply chain effectively and efficiently, but participants were also invited to study the function, role, value-added activities of purchasing and supply chain. And to add to the understanding of the content of this workshop participants will be given training and practice.

Training Outline:

  • Fundamental Principles Supply Chain Management:
    • Basic Concept of Supply Chain
    • Balancing emand & Supply
    • Process Sales & Operation Planning
    • Role of Purchasing in the S&OP
    • Basic MRP & terms beetwen Purchasing
  • Effective Purchasing Process :
    • Role of Purchasing in Supply Chain
    • Purchasing Essential Concepts & Functions
  • Effective Selection of Vendor :
    • Risk Assessment
    • RFP – Request for Proposal
    • Criteria & Matrix Selection
  • Negotiation Techniques :
    • Evaluation & Assessment of Vendor Performance
    • Evaluation & ssessment of Purchasing
    • Concept and Basic Principles of Effective Outsourcing
    • Concept and Basic Principles of Service Level Agreement
  • Inventory cost, turn over and control
  • ABC analysis
  • How to determine appropriate safety stock
  • EOQ – Economic Order Quantity.

Who Should Attend?

nventory Management (Planner, Engineer, Supervisory), Purchasing & Stock Control Management (Planner, Supervisor).