Effective Warehouse and Inventory Management


Inventory is the one of expensive asset in most company, especially in manufacture industry which is 40% of their capital represent of their investment, and the main critical point is an inventory management has became a crucial policy for management level. In company side, inventory policy guide them to minimize the

storing cost, but in the customer side, they are always complain about the stock out case happened. Stability between demand and supply is an objective key of inventory management.


Warehousing and Warehouse Management System

  • Definition of Warehouse and Types of Goods Stored
  • Types of Warehouse Storage System
  • Modern Trends in Warehousing
  • Purpose of Warehouse Management System
  • Warehouse Design and Layouting

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Management as Part of Good Warehouse
  • Functions of Inventory
  • Objectives of Inventory Control
  • Inventory Support System
  • Control of Inventory System
  • Supplies Classification System: ABC System
  • Supplies Support System and Control of Service Inventory

Warehouse Procedures and Best Practices

  • Warehouse Best Practices
  • General Warehouse Procedures
  • Please bring a list of inventory items with unit cost (optional)


Inventory Management (Planner, Engineer, Supervisory), Purchasing & Stock Control Management (Planner, Supervisor).

Training Duration : 3 Days