Fire Suppression and Life-Saving

About The Course
The importance of fire protection in the design and construction of offshore structures can be a critical factor in the success of today’s offshore oil and gas projects. Integrating this component into the planning of a production facility is taking on increasing importance. This training addresses the changing needs and expectations, scope of equipment and services, and regulation in the fire protection and life-saving appliances discipline, as well as the capabilities and roles of the Human, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) professional. Further explanation emphasizes the timing necessary for implementing a formal fire protection and life-saving appliances program in the design and construction of new offshore structures or the revamping of existing facilities.
Design for
HSSE engineers, Plant Platform Manager and all personnel who responsible to offshore platform safely.
Course Content

  1. HSSE on Offshore Platform Related to Fire Suppression System & Life Saving Equipment.
  2. Fire Suppression System: Definition, Function, Operation, Inspection, and Maintenance.
  3. Fire Suppression System: Types, Location, Distribution & Installation, and Standard References (NFPA, OSHA, SOLAS, HUBLA, DNV, and API).
  4. Deluge System.
  5. Gas Detection: Principles & Practices of Gas Testing, Including The Use of. Gas Testing Equipment.
  6. Fire Water Monitor.
  7. Fire Hose & Foam Hose Reel.
  8. Basic Fire Fighting / APAR/SCBA.
  9. Life Saving Equipment Definition & Types.
  10. Life Buoy & Jim Buoy.
  11. Life Jacket & Work Vest.
  12. Survival Pack & Scramble Net & Descent Doughnut.
  13. Fire Blanket & Helicopter Crash Kit.

Training Duration : 4 Days