Hazard Identification & Risk Management

About The Course
This course will introduce principles of Process Hazard Management System and its component : Hazard Identification, Analysis, Control and Recovery to improve line supervisor safety awareness and understanding how to control it and to take an emergency action, and To familiarize application of Formal Hazard Identification Technique, How to estimate evacuation zone in case of explosion, fire or toxic gas release really occurred in HC Processing Facilities.
Design for
Superintendents and Supervisors of Operational Function, Production,
Drilling, Maintenance, Production Engineering as well as Fire and Safety Staff.
Course Content

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Overview of Occupational Safety and Health (hazard, danger, risk, incident, accident, near miss, etc).
  3. Process Hazard Management System (principles, component of syste implementation of system, etc)
  4. Risk Management and Loss Prevention (principles, risk index matrix, tolerability of risk, maximum probable loss, risk reduction technique, risk transfer, etc)
  5. Process Hazard Identification in Oil & Gas Industry (process safety information and documentation, plant safety code & standard, drawing review, etc)
  6. Process Hazard Analysis Technique (preliminary hazard analysis, what if analysis, failure mode & effect analysis (FMEA), fault tree analysis (FTA), ETA, etc)
  7. Process Hazard Control in HC Plant & Facilities (Design Safety, Basic process control system, safety instrumented system, etc)
  8. Estimating Hazardous and Evacuation Zone (hazardous area classification, BLEVE, Toxic Gas Dispersion Profile, temperature class, etc)
  9. Hazard and Operability Study / HAZOPS (Methodology, Team Coordination, HAZOPs quide word, HAZOPs Worksheets, etc)
  10. Case Study, Group Discussion, Test and Evaluation

Training Duration : 3 Days