Control Valve Operation and Maintenance

About The Course
This course is developed for engineers and technicians who need to have a practical knowledge of selection, installation of choke and control valves. It is for those primarily involved in achieving effective results in industrial processes. This would involve the design, specification and implementation of control and measurement equipment. The workshop focuses on practical applications, with special attention to installation considerations and
application limitations when selecting or installing different control valves.
Design for
Personnel responsible for planning, operating, and inspecting of valve and control valve such as control valve specialists, plant safety specialists,
instrumentation and control engineers and technicians, project engineers, process control engineers, maintenance engineers and technicians, and maintenance planners.
Course Content

  1. Introduction To Control Valve Theory
  2. Different Types Of Control Valves.
  3. Characteristics of Control Valves.
  4. High Pressure Drop Applications.
  5. Examples Of High Pressure Drop Applications.
  6. Practical Session I : Control Valve Application Selection Case.
  7. Actuators, Positioners, Pneumatic Circuits, and Materials.
  8. Quality Standards of Control Valves: ASME, NACE, ISO 9000/2000, PED, NAMUR.
  9. Installation and Maintenance Concept.
  10. Practical Session II: Installation and Maintenance Concept

Training Duration : 3 Days